Everything you need to make informed decisions, at your fingertips 

Our powerful rating models and tools empower you to make your own credit risk assessment, and enable you to rely less mechanically on credit rating agencies for assessing the creditworthiness of a sovereign.

Transparent risk rating models

Get access to transparent, independent country and sovereign risk rating models and conduct your own risk assessments with our easy-to-use platform.

Leverage open technology

Our API makes it easy to incorporate our quantitative, proprietary risk scores for up to 240 countries into your workflow.

Personalisation prioritised

Our white-label Enterprise package lets you customise our platform for your needs.

Insightful learning

Backed by decades of experience in sovereign and country risk analysis, we can offer active and engaging training for your employees on topics ranging from risk governance to sovereign rating advisory.

100% country risk assessments, 0% fuss

Benefit from outside perspectives

Exchange views and share local knowledge with over 5,000 experts (and growing!) in our global community.

Get instant insights

We distil thousands of country risk reports into accessible insights, so you can quickly and easily keep abreast of the developments you care about.

Spend less

Get fast, transparent, timely country risk scores without relying on traditional rating agencies.

Save time

We take care of model development and data aggregation so you don’t have to.