InsightsWebinar: A debt relief plan for developing and emerging countries

Webinar: A debt relief plan for developing and emerging countries

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Jenny Asuncion
Jul 16, 2021

A debt crisis is looming in the Global South, one that has been imminent even before the pandemic unfolded and has since deteriorated dramatically. The response by the international community, led by the G20, has lamentably been inadequate on several levels. Not only does it focus exclusively on low income countries, but it has also failed to encourage proactive restructuring of unsustainable debt burdens. Moreover, it has largely ignored debtor countries’ need for enhanced fiscal space to reach their environmental and social development goals. As the can is kicked down the road, the ultimate costs for debtors and creditors alike continue to mount.

Kevin Gallagher and Uli Volz, both renowned international development experts, will offer a concrete proposal to break the current deadlock and lay the foundation for a green and inclusive recovery.

  • Video recording: Link
  • Presentation by Ulrich Volz and Kevin Gallagher: Link

Written by:
Jenny Asuncion