InsightsWebinar: The Role of Sovereign Green Bonds in Chile's Development

Webinar: The Role of Sovereign Green Bonds in Chile's Development

Jenny Asuncion
Nov 29, 2023

In 2019, Chile became the first sovereign issuer of green bonds in the Americas and the third largest issuer among emerging markets the following year. Building on the country’s climate action credentials and guided by international best practices, Chilean authorities developed a Green Bond Framework. The issuance of sovereign green bonds has allowed Chile to finance its climate agenda at a lower cost than traditional sovereign funding and with a larger and more diversified investor base. Green bond issuances can have a tangible impact for debt management offices throughout Latin America, as financing needs remain large and climate action has become even more critical.

Andrès Pérez and Carlos Madeira, authors of “The Role of Sovereign Green Bonds in Chile’s Development”, presented their paper in our webinar offered some implications of Green Bond issuances for other governments, the cost of capital and capital markets. Arend Kulenkampff moderated.

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Jenny Asuncion