InsightsCountry risk news — another piece for better insights

Country risk news — another piece for better insights

Following the daily news cycle is a significant and growing challenge for all of us.

Bernhard Obenhuber
Apr 03, 2020

The team hopes that you’re doing well in these difficult times. We’ve adapted to a new way of working and hope that, together, we will overcome this challenge as soon as possible. We truly miss having direct and personal interaction with our community members, clients and partners, and look forward to the day we can be together in person once again. Insights Platform Update

Following the daily news cycle is a significant and growing challenge for all of us. Yet, alongside quantitative models and deep, extensive analyses, assimilating the latest news remains crucial to forming a comprehensive opinion on country risk and identifying emerging opportunities.

Our latest platform update simplifies the challenge by offering you convenient access to global news filtered through a country risk lens. You can access the new feature through a dedicated page within the platform. On the news page, you can select different categories such as World News, Politics or news about a particular region. We’ve also predefined several pertinent topics, including Sovereign Risk, Climate Change and Money Laundering.

You can also find country-specific news for the various topics via the country dashboards and separate pages. The various news articles are automatically sorted by relevance, and only the last 30 days are shown. We’ve tried to calibrate the filters so that only the most relevant news articles are shown — quality over quantity. If there are any other predefined topics you’d find useful, or if you have an idea for how we could make the news feature even better, please drop us an email and we’ll do our best to include them in a future update.

The new feature is now available. Try it out here:

We hope this new element helps you make better country risk decisions. Our ambition is to continue working to make an even more well-rounded and comprehensive country risk management platform.

What’s already included:

  • Country & sovereign risk rating model enables you to form your own credit risk decisions and to integrate ESG considerations. Besides the analytical framework, you also get access to datasets covering up to 400 indicators for 190 countries.
  • Risk scores let you monitor specific risks, such as sovereign credit risk, AML country risks and SDG country performance.
  • Reports give you a better understanding of the medium- to long-term prospects of countries. Comparing views from different sources offers a more balanced assessment and mitigates biases.
  • News feed keeps you updated on the latest relevant developments, both in general and at a country level.

Coming up

We’ve already delivered much of our 2020 development roadmap, but we’re not done yet. In the next few weeks, we’ll focus our energy on some exciting new areas:

  • Personalisation and community engagement are big topics for us. We want to tailor the platform to your individual needs and interests, so you can define the topics or countries that are most important to you and stay up-to-date with new reports and community ratings. At the same time, our user base has grown rapidly since we started in 2016, and they come from more than 150 different countries with a variety of backgrounds. We want to facilitate a constructive exchange of views amongst the community and do more to tap into the wisdom of the crowd.
  • Analytics 2.0: Our second big push will be towards better analytics and intelligence, both by adding new models and upgrading existing ones.

Let us know what you think

If you have any comments or ideas to help us improve even more, please do drop us an email — we’d love to hear them.

Written by:
Bernhard Obenhuber