InsightsWebinar: Climate risk stress testing

Webinar: Climate risk stress testing

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Jenny Asuncion
Dec 07, 2021

In this webinar, Markus Wimmer will guide you through a holistic climate risk assessment, which is highly relevant for all leaders regarding country risk analyses, investment decisions, and strategic goal setting.

The climate crisis is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity this century, as evidenced by global warming measurements and the frequency of extreme weather events. It affects macroeconomic outcomes, financial markets, and institutions primarily through two channels: physical risk & transition risk. Projected economic losses resulting from physical climate-related risks for individual countries vary widely across studies and time horizons.

To make the webinar as interesting as possible, Mr. Wimmer will “bridge the gap” between climate science and financial regulation, show how climate risk stress tests can be used and provide some connections to other global risks which are relevant regarding country risk assessments.

Video recording: Link

Presentation by Markus Wimmerl: Link

Written by:
Jenny Asuncion